We are saddened to say we will be closing our doors as of
December 24, 2015.

Hello everyone, I wanted to take a quick moment
to talk to you about Sugar +
Sunshine Bakery closing it's doors.

This was not a decision that I took lightly, and to say that it was the last thing I ever hoped for would be a massive understatement.This business has grown tremendously since I started working here,

and even more so since I became the owner;however, with a

rising number in product output comes a rising

number in expenses, and unfortunately we cannot

continue to make it work.

While I could easily raise all of our prices significantly to help cover our costs, I do not feel that is fair to any of you who have supported us along the way. This business was started with the idea of delicious food made naturally and from scratch every morning, we've also prided ourselves on a friendly atmosphere and competitive prices, and that idea iswhat we

continue to stand behind today.

I hope that you will continue to support the neighboring small businesses and think of us fondly, because

you will always be in our hearts.

Our days were made better by your friendly faces and excitement in our products, and that is something we will always keep with us.

On a more personal note, when I first started working here I hoped to bring some sweetness into your lives, I never once considered that you would be the ones to make my life sweeter.

Thank you for loving us as much as you have, each and every one of you is a part of our Sugar + Sunshine family.

​If you'd like to see what the cupcake crew is up to in the future, continue to follow us on Instagram.


​Otherwise you can follow along with our two

main boss ladies on their websites.

Please click on their images to be redirected.

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More than 65 percent of mosquitoes captured were outdoors.

Jennifer Stevenson, Mary K. Cooke, Jonathan Cox, Chris Drakeley ; Brandyce St. Laurent, Neil F. Lobo ; Samuel C. Kahindi, Robin M. Oriango ; Ralph E. Harbach . DOI: 1 Figures from Kemri.org.. Bed insecticides and nets could neglect to protect folks from new malaria-transmitting mosquitoes A potentially dangerous fresh malaria-transmitting mosquito has been discovered in Kenya by researchers from the London College of Hygiene & Tropical Medication. The commonly captured Anopheles mosquitoes that transmit malaria in Africa generally choose to rest indoors and prey on humans during the night. This resulted in the advancement of programmes to avoid the spread of malaria such as for example spraying insecticide in homes and issuing bed nets for folks to sleep under. Continue reading

Bardhaman and Nadia where more dead birds have already been found.

Related StoriesNew nationwide report on usage of antiviral drugs to take care of, prevent influenzaAcetaminophen Recognition Coalition issues protection message to customers about flu medicinesEnsemble versions provide accurate real-period estimates of current and impending flu activityBirbhum may be the worst affected region and the amount of culling teams you will see elevated from 60 to 300. West Bengal started culling a lot more than 400,000 hens and ducks in three districts this complete week but up to now, no more than 50,000 birds have been culled. Health employees say hygiene between the poor and illiterate villagers is normally a problem and several remain ignorant relating to bird flu and the dangers associated with birds that have passed away from the virus. Continue reading

An antibiotic.

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In a global first.

Breakthrough in idiopathic pulmonary haemosiderosis Researchers in Queen Mary University London and the University of Leicester and also have announced a potential breakthrough in the treating a rare but devastating condition that may affect children and teenagers. In a global first, the clinicians and scientists from both universities possess treated one patient with promising results already. Their preliminary data are released as a letter in the brand new England Journal of Medication priligy en pharmacie . Continue reading

Beacon Hill Pharma opens second area in Wakefield.

Begin second guessing all your gray areas. Investigate. Organic health news lovers are uniting upon this. This is the primary of longevity, therefore protect it around.. Beacon Hill Pharma opens second area in Wakefield, MA Beacon Hill Pharma, Beacon Hill Staffing Group's pharma specialty division, opened another location earlier this month just north of Boston in Wakefield, MA. This comes just one single month after Beacon Hill Pharma released in the Chicago marketplace. The newest addition allows Beacon Hill to keep its capability to service pharma clients in the united states. Led by Division Director Liz Davies, Beacon Hill Pharma's dedicated group of recruiting and staffing professionals delivers quality experts on a time-sensitive basis. Whether for start-ups or for the Fortune 500, in the personal or public sector, Beacon Hill Pharma fits top notch talent with exceptional possibilities. Continue reading

According to a written report in the October 27 issue of Archives of Internal Medicine.

Of the, 1,371 were taking statins at that time. Mortality [loss of life] among statin users was less than among non-users: 10.3 % vs. 15.7 % after 30 days and 16.8 % vs. 22.4 % after 90 days, the authors write. The lowest relative death rate connected with statins was seen in patients over the age of 80 and in those with bacteremia. The variations became apparent during the first few weeks of hospitalization, an interval associated with a high number of pneumonia-related deaths, and they increased just minimally between 30 and 3 months after admission, which implies that statin use is effective in the first phase of infection primarily. Previous statin use, or the use of any other preventive medication for cardiovascular health, had not been associated with a lower life expectancy death rate from pneumonia. Continue reading

Prostate and ovarian cancers even when they obtain equal treatment.

‘When I hear researchers discussing racial differences, I get worried that it begins to harken back again to arguments about genetic inferiority,’ stated Otis W. Brawley, chief medical officer of the American Tumor Culture and an African American’ . This article is usually republished with kind authorization from our close friends at The Kaiser Family members Foundation. You will see the complete Kaiser Daily Health Plan Record, search the archives, or join email delivery of in-depth coverage of wellness policy developments, discussions and debates. The Kaiser Daily Wellness Policy Report is released for Kaisernetwork.org, a free of charge assistance of The Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation. Copyright 2009 Advisory Board Business and Kaiser Family Basis. All rights reserved.. Blacks with equal treatment still much more likely to die of some cancers ‘African Americans are not as likely than whites to endure breast, prostate and ovarian cancers even when they obtain equal treatment, according to a big study that provides provocative proof that biological factors are likely involved in in least some racial disparities,’ the Washington Post reviews. Continue reading

Ministers will propose world currency taxes to invest in development aid Several 60 nations.

The report made by the band of international professionals appointed this past year by the 12 countries leading the task ‘said the currency taxes [is] the preferred remedy,’ according to Reuters. The statement ‘also gave additional options, including a economic sector activity taxes, a value-added taxes on financial providers, a wide financial transactions taxes and a collected solitary currency transaction taxes nationally,’ the news headlines service adds. The 60 nations behind the tax include ‘most European Japan and countries though not really the U.S. Or Switzerland. Continue reading

Which plays an integral function in cell division.

B1/Cdk1 protein which plays key function in cell division also boosts power of mitochondrial activity A global team led by researchers at UC Davis shows that the cyclin B1/Cdk1 protein complicated, which plays an integral function in cell division, improves the mitochondrial activity to power that process also http://himcolin.org/ . This is the first-time the complex has been proven to execute both working jobs. This newfound ability will make cyclin B1/Cdk1 a fantastic target to regulate cellular energy production, possibly advancing cancer treatment and regenerative medicine. Today in the journal Developmental Cell The study was published online. These proteins not merely control the cell routine, but they moonlight to improve mitochondrial energy also, said lead writer Jian Jian Li, director of Translational Research in the UC Davis In depth Cancer professor and Middle in the Division of Radiation Oncology. Continue reading

Optimal dosage and preliminary efficacy of BioCancells lead drug-applicant.

In this sub group that received the bigger dosage: Three out of five individuals treated with the bigger dosage had the neighborhood pancreatic tumor shrink over 30 percent in tumor size without appearance of metastases, conference the industry frequently used requirements for Partial Response; The remaining two individuals of the five fulfilled the criteria for Steady Disease, of no significant switch in how big is the pancreatic tumor no appearance of metastases; Two of the individuals in the bigger dosage group became resectable after treatment: One individual underwent an effective operation to eliminate the tumor. The next patient showed reduced amount of half of the tumor size; nevertheless, the discovery of liver metastases elevated the entire risks for an operation. Continue reading

Arsenic present in private wells threatens people in lots of U.

‘Arsenic may be the biggest public-health issue for drinking water in the United States–it's the most toxic issue we drink,’ said geochemist Yan Zheng, an adjunct analysis scientist at Columbia University's Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory who coedited the particular section and coauthored a few of the articles. ‘For reasons uknown, we pay much less attention to it than we perform to lesser complications.’ Much long-term work on arsenic in the United States and southeast Asia provides been done via an extensive program at Lamont-Doherty and Columbia's Mailman School of Public Health. Continue reading

The work locations UF&39.

They are intent on looking at its spread. The latest EPI work uses mathematical model that improvements previous analyses by refining the way environmental sources of the bacterium that causes cholera are factored into calculations.. Cholera could be within Haiti by vaccinating less than half the population Cholera could be contained in Haiti by vaccinating not even half the population, Thursday in the journal Scientific Reviews University of Florida experts suggest in a paper to be published. The work locations UF's Emerging Pathogens Institute in the pro-vaccination camp in an ongoing international debate more than how best to support the two-year-old epidemic which has claimed thousands of lives. The Centers for Disease Control and Avoidance has been skeptical about the potency of vaccination against cholera in this setting up. Continue reading

A new computer algorithm assessment was developed that estimates mammographic breast density.

Outcomes obtained by the computer assessment were compared using three radiologists’ visual breasts density ratings. ‘The computer ratings yielded a strong correlation with the reader’s overall rankings suggesting our algorithm correlated highly with the rankings of our human being observers; although we mentioned that individual observers tended to underestimate overall breast density consistently,’ stated Naomi Saenz, MD, lead author of the scholarly study. Related StoriesFDA grants accelerated authorization for Tagrisso to treat patients with advanced NSCLCStudy displays rare HER2 missense mutations usually do not spread breast cancer on their ownMeat-rich diet may boost kidney cancer risk’Breast density has been shown to be a significant risk factor for breasts cancer. Continue reading

Choose healthy lifestyle.

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