We are saddened to say we will be closing our doors as of
December 24, 2015.

Hello everyone, I wanted to take a quick moment
to talk to you about Sugar +
Sunshine Bakery closing it's doors.

This was not a decision that I took lightly, and to say that it was the last thing I ever hoped for would be a massive understatement.This business has grown tremendously since I started working here,

and even more so since I became the owner;however, with a

rising number in product output comes a rising

number in expenses, and unfortunately we cannot

continue to make it work.

While I could easily raise all of our prices significantly to help cover our costs, I do not feel that is fair to any of you who have supported us along the way. This business was started with the idea of delicious food made naturally and from scratch every morning, we've also prided ourselves on a friendly atmosphere and competitive prices, and that idea iswhat we

continue to stand behind today.

I hope that you will continue to support the neighboring small businesses and think of us fondly, because

you will always be in our hearts.

Our days were made better by your friendly faces and excitement in our products, and that is something we will always keep with us.

On a more personal note, when I first started working here I hoped to bring some sweetness into your lives, I never once considered that you would be the ones to make my life sweeter.

Thank you for loving us as much as you have, each and every one of you is a part of our Sugar + Sunshine family.

​If you'd like to see what the cupcake crew is up to in the future, continue to follow us on Instagram.


​Otherwise you can follow along with our two

main boss ladies on their websites.

Please click on their images to be redirected.

BioLineRx BL-7010 might reduce gluten toxicity in sufferers with celiac disease BioLineRx.

It is hardly ever discussed but affects a lot of women. It really is licensed in a few Europe and Ireland for sufferers whose incontinence outcomes from circumstances such as spinal-cord damage and multiple sclerosis . It is essential to note that the analysis participants didn’t have tension incontinence, which really is a common trigger of bladder control problems. Therefore, the results of the study can’t be generalised to all females with symptoms of overactive bladder or incontinence, but can just be applied to people that have diagnosed overactive bladder syndrome .. BioLineRx BL-7010 might reduce gluten toxicity in sufferers with celiac disease BioLineRx , a biopharmaceutical advancement firm, announced the publication of pre-clinical outcomes demonstrating that BL-7010, an obtainable treatment for celiac disease orally, reduces gluten toxicity . Continue reading

Building the lifesaving drugs far more accessible worldwide.

Clinton Makes A Offer For AIDS Patients Former President Bill Clinton and two Indian pharmaceutical businesses have struck an contract to cut prices of HIV and Helps treatment for children, building the lifesaving drugs far more accessible worldwide. That’s according to the Clinton Base HIV/Helps Initiative, a charity set up by Mr. Clinton, which says the companies will supply drugs for HIV-positive children at prices as low as 16 cents a day, which amounts to significantly less than $60 a year generic or brand . The deal is said by The foundation will enable an additional 100,000 HIV-positive kids in 62 countries to receive treatment in 2007. Mr. Clinton was to announce the offer in a speech at a fresh Delhi children’s medical center Thursday at the start of a new national plan by the Indian government to take care of HIV-positive children. Continue reading

American Meat Institute says U.

To day, none have already been positive. Consumers must have absolute self-confidence in the U.S. Government’s capability to respond to this inconclusive test result swiftly and completely, Boyle said. If the test eventually is positive, it must be treated as an pet health issue, not a public health concern. Actually, expert researchers say that thanks to U.S. Efforts to protect cattle from this disease, the risk that BSE poses to customers is so low it could scarcely be quantified. Continue reading

At $28k a semester.

System tackles child obesity BLUFTON, S.C. – There’s an epidemic of childhood weight problems. On Tuesday, we discovered it’s a larger risk than we understood. A fresh UCLA research says that obese kids are nearly doubly likely to possess related health problems, from asthma to learning disabilities. But a scheduled plan in SC is bringing kids back again from obesity. ‘The doctor explained when I was seven so when I was eight that I wouldn’t live past 21,’ stated Cameron Larkins, ‘so when I was nine it simply strike me smack in the facial skin: ‘Oh, I’ll die.” Vogue daughter placed on strict diet plan by mom right now at ‘healthy excess weight’ Coca-Cola ads to handle obesity epidemic Larkins had reached 260 pounds by age 10. ‘I’d eat over-sized portions,’ he said. Continue reading

Are you taking in pesticides?

Are you taking in pesticides? Canola oil, soybean oil used as key elements in pesticide products In a shocking new video, Mike Adams reveals that common cooking oils such as for example canola oil and soybean oil are used as key substances in pesticide products because they work so effectively to kill bugs. The video displays how one pesticide item that kills insects is manufactured with 96 percent canola essential oil and is so harmful that the label says, Hazards to human beings and domestic animals www.tadalafil-espana.com/original-vs-generico.htm . The label of the product, made nearly with canola oil completely, goes on to explain CAUTION: Avoid connection with skin or clothing. Continue reading

But other situations theyre shown on a decline or an incline bench.

The medial heads also support the other two heads – irrespective of arm position near the top of the motion – as the arms reach full extension as the medial heads’ muscle mass fibers are closest to the elbows. The more the arms move in front of the physical body and overhead, the even more emphasis is positioned on the long heads. Because the long heads attach to the scapulae, the even more you bring your arms overhead, the more they stretch and the more powerful they become. For Discussion: With all this background about how exactly arm position can transform triceps emphasis, let’s consider the three different versions of the lying triceps extension. Continue reading

Antidepressant may help the workings of anticancer drug used in leukemia By Dr Ananya Mandal.

Retinoids are a course of chemical compounds related chemically to supplement A. ATRA is already used successfully to take care of a rare type of acute myeloid leukemia , but up until now, is not effective against other types of the disease. ATRA functions by encouraging leukemia cells to mature and die naturally, but the experts say that the reason why many AML patients do not react to the treatment is basically because the genes that ATRA normally attacks are powered down by an enzyme called LSD1. The scientists found that using TCP to block this ‘off switch’ could reactivate these genes, making the cancers cells susceptible to ATRA. We’ve now found a way to harness these effective drugs to treat far more common types of leukaemia. Until now, it’s been a mystery why the other styles of AML don’t react to this drug. Continue reading

Cardiometabolic health intervention urged for schizophrenia patients By Eleanor McDermid.

The 394 patients had been aged 24 years, normally, and got a prevalence of overweight and weight problems that, at 48.3 percent, was equal to the rate in our midst National Health insurance and Nutrition Examination Survey participants of similar age. However, the prevalence of dyslipidaemia, at 56.5 percent, was closer to that of NHANES participants aged in their mid-40s. Despite this, just 0.5 percent of patients were taking lipid-lowering medications. Related StoriesNew UCL research highlights genes connected with schizophrenia and obesityTracking retinal adjustments may help doctors to adjust schizophrenia treatment in the futurePhase III trial outcomes show cariprazine effective in dealing with negative symptoms connected with schizophreniaIn total, 50. Continue reading

And at the same time improve diabetes control androgenetic alopecia causes.

Artificial pancreas can help over night manage diabetes in kids Research displays closed-loop systems control diabetes, reduce dangerous low blood sugar In a landmark research in teenagers and children with type 1 diabetes, JDRF-funded researchers at the University of Cambridge showed that utilizing a first-era artificial pancreas program overnight can lower the chance of low blood sugars emergencies while sleeping, and at the same time improve diabetes control. Results from the studies are released in the February 5, 2010 problem of The Lancet, available at www online androgenetic alopecia causes .thelancet.com. The trials analyzed the safety and effectiveness of a first-era artificial pancreas program used over night in a hospital setting with individuals between 5 and 18 years of age with type 1 diabetes. Continue reading

The just study available provides neither proof benefit nor proof harm.

Data on urinary system infections aren’t informative The study didn’t provide data of all outcomes such as for example mortality, hospital stays, additional complications due to the neurogenic bladder disorder, or standard of living. Just data about adverse events and UTIs were reported and gathered. Similarly high prices of adverse events happened in both treatment organizations, therefore that there is absolutely no evidence that L-methionine causes damage. In the scholarly study, UTIs had been summarized in two outcomes: 1) sufferers who just had an elevated urine bacterial count , and 2) individuals with both a particular UBC and accompanying medical symptoms, such as for example fever. Nevertheless, according to scientific practice guidelines, an elevated UBC alone isn’t relevant and will not require treatment therefore. Continue reading

District Court in Detroit to participating in a conspiracy to defraud the Medicare program.

Attorney’s Office for the Eastern District of Michigan. Because the inception of Hit Power operations in March 2007 – Miami , LA , Detroit and Houston – the Strike Push has acquired indictments of 300 individuals and institutions that collectively have billed the Medicare plan for a lot more than $680 million. Furthermore, HHS’s Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, working in conjunction with the HHS-OIG, are taking techniques to improve accountability and reduce the presence of fraudulent providers.. Clinic operator and owner admit to taking part in a conspiracy to defraud the Medicare program Today in U Clinic owners and operators Jose Martinez and Denisse Martinez pleaded guilty.S. Continue reading

The retrospective study.

Avoidance of program thyroid testing on women that are pregnant could have let 80 percent of instances go undetected A recently available study completed by experts from Boston University College of Medication and Boston INFIRMARY demonstrates that BMC conducts a higher price of thyroid function assessment in women that are pregnant. The retrospective study, that is published on the web in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism presently, demonstrated that if BMC hadn’t done routine thyroid examining on pregnant women, around 80 % of situations of slight hypothyroidism wouldn’t normally possess been detected letadalafil.net/forzest/ . It really is known that the thyroid hormone is essential for child advancement in the womb. Continue reading

Amgen second-quarter total income increases 2 percent to $3.

On a reported basis and calculated in accordance with United States granted priority review designation to denosumab for the treating bone metastases to lessen skeletal related occasions in patients with cancers. Priority review designation is normally granted to drugs that offer major advancements in treatment, or give a treatment where no adequate therapy exists. Consistent with priority review suggestions, the FDA shall focus on an Agency action within six months of the application submission date, producing a Prescription Drug Consumer Fee Act actions date of Thursday, 18 November. Vectibix: The Company announced that it right now expects data from its Phase 3 study of Vectibix for the treating metastatic squamous cell carcinoma of the top and neck in the 3rd quarter of 2010.. Continue reading

University of California.

Maritima’s central metabolism. The group also discovered connections between these proteins and 503 unique metabolites in 562 intracellular and 83 extracellular metabolic reactions. ‘We’ve built an actual three dimensional model of every proteins in the central metabolic program,’ said Adam Godzik, Ph.D., director of Burnham’s Bioinformatics and Systems Biology system. ‘We got the whole lot. This is analogous to sequencing an entire genome.’ With this data, scientists can simulate metabolism simultaneously on a biochemical and molecular level. This information gets the promise to expand pc modeling to allow investigators to simulate the interactions between proteins and various compounds in an entire program. Continue reading


Chiropractic, osteopathy or manipulative spinal manipulation accompanied by exercise provides significant comfort of back discomfort symptoms A new study of back discomfort treatments, co-ordinated by researchers at the University of York, has discovered that spinal manipulation, in the form of chiropractic, osteopathy, or manipulative physiotherapy, followed by a programme of exercise, provides significant alleviation of symptoms and improvements in general health how to take . The study, backed by the Medical Analysis Council and co-ordinated by the Trials Unit in the University’s Division of Health Sciences, may be the biggest of its type ever installed in britain. Continue reading

They advise that doctors should consider new.

Those trials were conducted subsequent to the launch of the ATP III cholesterol suggestions in 2001.D. Even patients more than 65 benefited from decreasing cholesterol. Now it really is clear that these individuals shall gain by lowering their LDL using statin therapy. The overall message is certainly that lower is way better. The upgrade emphasizes the need for lowering cholesterol in old patients as well. As the update shows that physicians make use of their scientific judgment to determine whether intensive LDL-reducing therapy is necesary in older patients, it states that these patients ought never to become excluded from LDL-lowering treatments because of age alone. Continue reading