We are saddened to say we will be closing our doors as of
December 24, 2015.

Hello everyone, I wanted to take a quick moment
to talk to you about Sugar +
Sunshine Bakery closing it's doors.

This was not a decision that I took lightly, and to say that it was the last thing I ever hoped for would be a massive understatement.This business has grown tremendously since I started working here,

and even more so since I became the owner;however, with a

rising number in product output comes a rising

number in expenses, and unfortunately we cannot

continue to make it work.

While I could easily raise all of our prices significantly to help cover our costs, I do not feel that is fair to any of you who have supported us along the way. This business was started with the idea of delicious food made naturally and from scratch every morning, we've also prided ourselves on a friendly atmosphere and competitive prices, and that idea iswhat we

continue to stand behind today.

I hope that you will continue to support the neighboring small businesses and think of us fondly, because

you will always be in our hearts.

Our days were made better by your friendly faces and excitement in our products, and that is something we will always keep with us.

On a more personal note, when I first started working here I hoped to bring some sweetness into your lives, I never once considered that you would be the ones to make my life sweeter.

Thank you for loving us as much as you have, each and every one of you is a part of our Sugar + Sunshine family.

​If you'd like to see what the cupcake crew is up to in the future, continue to follow us on Instagram.


​Otherwise you can follow along with our two

main boss ladies on their websites.

Please click on their images to be redirected.

A guy crumples to the ground beyond your elevator just.

Bystanders should offer high-quality upper body compressions by pushing solid in the center of the victim's upper body, with reduced interruptions. 4.Make use of an AED if one is on site. ‘AEDs have become easy to use,’ stated Dr. Wheelan. ‘The device gives verbal instructions, as soon as pads are mounted on the chest, the AED does all of those other ongoing work.’ Individuals who smoke, have raised chlesterol or an enlarged center, or possess a family group history of unexpected cardiac arrest are in increased risk for an abrupt cardiac arrest episode.. Continue reading

Array BioPharma fiscal 2010 revenue increases to $53.

AstraZeneca presents promising data at 2010 ASCO AstraZeneca presented Phase 1 medical trial results at the 2010 ASCO annual meeting with the brand new AZD6244 capsule formulation. Array certified AZD6244 to AstraZeneca in 2003. In a subgroup of 18 individuals with melanoma whose tumors were evaluable for mutational position, AZD6244 plus chemotherapy got a 56 percent response rate in individuals with BRAF mutations with a median time to progression of 31 weeks, versus 8 weeks in the sufferers with wild-type BRAF. Consequently, BRAF mutation-status seems to predict clinical response of chemotherapy plus AZD6244. Continue reading

American Cancer Society honors Kroger with 2012 Excellence in Philanthropy Award The Kroger Co.

American Cancer Society honors Kroger with 2012 Excellence in Philanthropy Award The Kroger Co. today was awarded a 2012 Excellence in Philanthropy Award from the American Tumor Culture. The honor is given to corporations that have supplied $1 million or more to the American Cancer Society through the previous twelve months through a number of support activities malegra-fxt.com/malegra-online.html . Kroger is one of 19 businesses recognized this full season. Related StoriesNew RNA check of blood platelets can be used to detect location of cancerNew antenna-like device makes breast cancer medical procedures easier for surgeonsCrucial switch in single DNA foundation predisposes children to intense form of cancer Kroger's award is founded on the company's enthusiastic support of the American Cancer Society's Building Strides Against Breast Tumor and Relay for Life events across the national country. Continue reading

A clinical-stage biopharmaceutical business dedicated to identifying.

In parallel to completing preparations for the scholarly study, we continue to keep discussions with potential companions,’ concluded Dr. Savitsky.. BioLineRx gets authorization to begin with CE Mark sign up trial of BL-5010P for skin lesion treatment BioLineRx , a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical business dedicated to identifying, developing and in-licensing promising therapeutic applicants, announced today that it offers received acceptance from the German Government Institute for Medicines and Medical Gadgets to commence a pivotal, CE Mark sign up trial for BL-5010P, for the nonsurgical removal of benign skin damage. BL-5010P is definitely a disposable, pen-like applicator comprising BL-5010, a novel aqueous solution, which can be an alternative to unpleasant, costly and invasive removal remedies such as cryotherapy, laser surgery or treatment. Continue reading

Catheters may increase risk of death.

Alternatively, an individual might make use of an arteriovenous graft, which is a plastic material conduit between an artery and a vein. Many patients use a catheter for many reasons instead, including inadequate planning for dialysis, avoidance of medical operation or concern with needles, as attachment to the dialysis machine with a catheter does not require needles. Also, an arteriovenous fistula or graft is not possible in every patients, those who are sicker especially. To compare various kinds of vascular gain access to for dialysis, Pietro Ravani, MD, PhD and his co-workers examined the medical literature, evaluating the associations between arteriovenous fistula, arteriovenous graft, and central venous catheter with risk for death, infection, and main heart-related events such as for example heart episodes and strokes. Continue reading

Armetheon reaches contract with FDA on SPA for last pivotal trial of tecarfarin Armetheon.

Armetheon reaches contract with FDA on SPA for last pivotal trial of tecarfarin Armetheon, Inc www.tadora.biz/effective-cialis-alternative.html ., today announced that it has already reached agreement with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration on a particular Protocol Assessment for the final pivotal trial of tecarfarin. Tecarfarin is positioned to be the only oral anticoagulant therapy for patients with prosthetic heart valves specifically determined in the label. Tecarfarin is designed to compete favorably with warfarin in this market since in earlier clinical trials tecarfarin appeared superior to warfarin both in the overall populace and in the significant %age of sufferers with compromised warfarin clearance. Continue reading

Baldness cure by serendipity By Dr Ananya Mandal.

Baldness cure by serendipity By Dr Ananya Mandal, MD Researchers at the University of California, LA were learning gut function but unintentionally discovered a five-time treatment that restored organic fur on bald laboratory mice. Dr. Mulugeta Million, among the leaders of the group, had no proven fact that inhibiting important receptors in a tension response pathway could have such a dramatic influence on hair. Earlier studies show that baldness and graying could possibly be linked to tension and digestive disease. They hypothesized an increase in corticotropin-releasing aspect could possibly be related. Continue reading

The concept of body cleansing and detoxification is normally relatively new to the western world.

All these therapies develop favorable conditions in your body to heal and rebuild. Consult a professional to check which detoxification technique and meet the body requirements the best. Benefits: Full body cleansing program confer numerous advantages to the body, some are: A renewed interest in existence Glowing complexion Weight reduction Relaxation Improved rest Strengthening of the disease fighting capability Riddance from nagging body pains and aches During full body cleanse, the goal with your diet plan is simple to minimize the workload on your own digestive organs while providing your body with enough energy to handle its everyday activities. In a nutshell, the effect comes through complete body cleanse program is that your detoxifications organs begin behaving even more intelligently and effectively on a daily basis. Continue reading

Scientists have found for the first time.

Clear association between media multitasking and mental health problems Using multiple types of media simultaneously – such as playing a computer game while watching TV – is associated with symptoms of anxiety and depression, scientists have found for the first time formula . Michigan State University's Tag Becker, lead investigator on the scholarly study, stated he was surprised to look for such a clear association between press mental and multitasking health issues. What's not yet clear is the trigger. ‘We don't know whether the mass media multitasking is causing symptoms of unhappiness and social anxiousness, or if it's that people who have are depressed and anxious are turning to media multitasking while a kind of distraction from their problems,’ said Becker, associate professor of psychology. Continue reading

Is pleased to announce the publication of the Cervical Cancers Study.

Their findings, which appear in the December 2009 issue of the journal Cancers Cell along with an independent commentary on the discovery, end a significant controversy in the field of cancer research concerning whether aneuploidy is certainly a cause or a consequence of cancer and additional proves the aneuploidy basis of malignancy. Given the new credibility of the chromosomal theory of cancer provided by the Mayo Clinic, the outcomes of the performance study become immediately significant and relevant and additional underscore both correctness of the chromosomal basis of malignancy and also the performance of the business’s technology. These recent publications improve the company’s international activities to promote its cancer detection program and related technology through its ChromoCure Cancers Research & Diagnosis Centers system. Continue reading

We presume that mice used in laboratories are all the same.

The results could mean good science derailed or promising analysis abandoned simply because of the design of a mouse cage – something largely overlooked until now. Restrepo’s findings were simply published in PLoS One, the general public Library of Research, a major peer-reviewed scientific journal, and are gaining and wide target audience increasingly. He hopes scientists will work to discover the depth of the problem and find ways to overcome it. ‘We have to ensure that laboratory findings are truly indicative of natural procedures and not simply the consequence of environmental factors within each lab,’ he said.. Continue reading

Anthrax Treatment The preferred way to take care of anthrax has been antibiotics.

Anthrax Treatment The preferred way to take care of anthrax has been antibiotics. The purpose of antibiotics is to eliminate the infection and stop complications and death sweden pharmacy . Many antibiotics are effective against B. Anthracis and include the next:Doxycycline PenicillinAmoxicillin Ampicillin Ciprofloxacin Levofloxacin Gatifloxacin Chloramphenicol Severely ill people could be given medications via an IV. Treatment may continue for many weeks. People exposed to anthrax may be given preventive antibiotics usually to be taken for 60 days. Continue reading

Amygdala stimulates stress responses in adults.

Related StoriesScientists present how specific cells help each other survive under stressHypersexual disorder could be associated with hyperactive stress systemsInner hearing damage mind warnings from nerve cells We wished to examine if the alterations in stress hormones seen during infancy persisted, and what brain changes were in charge of them, Sanchez says. In studies of adults, the amygdala and its connections are formed during the manipulation fully, but here neither the amygdala or its connections were fully matured when the harm occurred. In today’s paper, the authors demonstrated that in contrast with adult animals with amygdala damage, juvenile monkeys with early amygdala damage had increased levels of cortisol in the blood, compared to controls. In their cerebrospinal fluid, in addition they had elevated degrees of corticotropin releasing factor , the neuropeptide that initiates the strain response in the brain. Continue reading

Alpha carotene boost life time: Study By Dr Ananya Mandal.

The antioxidant is found in orange fruit and veggies like carrots, winter squash, tangerines and oranges. The study has been released and will be provided in the March problem of the Archives of Internal Medication.. Alpha carotene boost life time: Study By Dr Ananya Mandal, MD A new study implies that and antioxidant alpha carotene within vegetables can reduce the risk of premature death and invite for a longer, healthier lifespan. The scholarly study led by Dr. Chaoyang Li from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention involved almost 15,000 adults who were all age 20 and old. Continue reading

The procedures themselves which include radiation to kill any missed malignancy cells.

Breasts damaged by tumor medical procedures reshaped using stem cell injections Japanese researchers have used stem cells to greatly help reshape the breasts of women who have undergone surgery for a breast tumour. Researchers have for the very first time used injections of stem cells produced from the women’s own excess fat to reshape their breasts. In a little study almost nearly four-fifths of the ladies who received the shots were content with the cosmetic outcomes. When a lumpectomy is definitely performed to remove a tumour even though surgeons take out just the tumour and try to avoid damaging the encompassing tissue, the procedures themselves which include radiation to kill any missed malignancy cells, can keep a woman with a scarred, misshapen, and cratered breasts. Dr. Eric Daniels, a surgeon at Cytori Therapeutics says in such cases doctors have little to provide women currently. Continue reading

Cochlear implants to greatly help them listen to.

Great things about two cochlear implants in deaf children Nature offers outfitted us with a set of ears for good cause: having two ears enhances hearing. University of Wisconsin-Madison scientists are actually examining whether this is especially true for the growing amounts of deaf kids who’ve received not just one, but two, cochlear implants to greatly help them listen to. Led by Ruth Litovsky, an investigator in the UW-Madison Waisman Middle, the team’s research shows that deaf children who’ve a cochlear implant in each hearing more accurately locate noises when they make use of both implants rather than one. Continue reading