We are saddened to say we will be closing our doors as of
December 24, 2015.

Hello everyone, I wanted to take a quick moment
to talk to you about Sugar +
Sunshine Bakery closing it's doors.

This was not a decision that I took lightly, and to say that it was the last thing I ever hoped for would be a massive understatement.This business has grown tremendously since I started working here,

and even more so since I became the owner;however, with a

rising number in product output comes a rising

number in expenses, and unfortunately we cannot

continue to make it work.

While I could easily raise all of our prices significantly to help cover our costs, I do not feel that is fair to any of you who have supported us along the way. This business was started with the idea of delicious food made naturally and from scratch every morning, we've also prided ourselves on a friendly atmosphere and competitive prices, and that idea iswhat we

continue to stand behind today.

I hope that you will continue to support the neighboring small businesses and think of us fondly, because

you will always be in our hearts.

Our days were made better by your friendly faces and excitement in our products, and that is something we will always keep with us.

On a more personal note, when I first started working here I hoped to bring some sweetness into your lives, I never once considered that you would be the ones to make my life sweeter.

Thank you for loving us as much as you have, each and every one of you is a part of our Sugar + Sunshine family.

​If you'd like to see what the cupcake crew is up to in the future, continue to follow us on Instagram.


​Otherwise you can follow along with our two

main boss ladies on their websites.

Please click on their images to be redirected.

Bird Flu Causes Bird flu is the effect of a kind of influenza A virus.

Thus, it really is an ‘H5N1’ influenza virus type. The brand new stress of bird flu offers two different surface area proteins in fact it is termed H7N9. A person`s disease fighting capability learns to identify these surface area proteins either when you are contaminated with the flu virus and recovering or by obtaining a vaccine which has equivalent H and N proteins. From then on, any virus that infects with exactly the same H and N on its surface area will most likely be quickly known and stopped, causing the mild disease or no disease. This kind of defense is called immunity . Unfortunately, immunity to 1 viral type will not protect against additional viral types often. Continue reading

Are women less inclined to buy items marketed using thin models actually?

The prevalence of advertising featuring related content continues to improve sexually. For instance, a 2012 study by researchers from the University of Georgia found that while in 1983, only 15 % of magazine ads utilized sexual articles, 27 % did so by 2003. But even though studies have found that women control 80 % or more of household customer spending, so far the majority of the research conducted on sexual marketing has focused on men. There exists a lot of curiosity in how these ads affect men, Ansons said. We thought it had been important to see how females were reacting also to consider the difference between a subtle and blatant presentation. The few studies looking at women’s reactions to such advertising have had contradictory outcomes, Ansons said. Continue reading

Anxiety and Depression WAY TO AVOID IT How It Helps A Sufferer?

Anxiety and Depression WAY TO AVOID IT – How It Helps A Sufferer? Anxiousness is a disorder of the mood that involves the physiological and psychological condition of a soul. Characterized by cognitive, somatic, psychological, and behavioural component, people with this type of disorder feel uneasy, apprehensive and fearful or worries a whole lot http://www.cialisisverige.com . Stress and anxiety in Northampton is regarded as a disorder when it becomes intense. A slump is circumstances or condition of a person wherein he shows low feeling and unwilling to perform any action. Depressive disorder has something to do with neurotransmitters, the subject matter which is found in the mind. Why don’t we experience what can be executed and what depression solutions are there to take care of these conditions. Continue reading

Colon Treatment to Lose Weight: Do THEYLL Really Work?

Prior to discovering how colon cleanses could help lose weight, it is crucial remember that there might be a difference. You will see colon cleanses which promise that they are made to benefit you lose fat possibly. These kinds of colon cleanses are usually known as fat reducing cleanses. With that in mind, you will see colon cleanses that advertise that they are absolutely not really sure to assist you lose weight, even though some of these may possibly. When working with a good colon cleanse, it is essential that anyone follow all of the instructions given to you. For example, there are numerous colon cleanses that are looking you don’t consume everything first or 2 days. Continue reading

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The purpose of these retreats is normally to bring about better inner peace, happiness, joy and love in the thoughts of participants. People can take part in these retreats regardless of the community they participate in. This is because the concept of oneness is accompanied by the organizers, wherein preachings from different religions like Judaism, Sufism, Christianity, Buddhism and Hinduism are taken for providing the proper sort of inner awakening in people. Continue reading

Colloidal silver is an antibacterial.

Just oral ingestion poses a threat to gut bacteria. Small oral doses might get into the bloodstream before harmful gut bacteria. But some silver product suppliers do advise going for a probiotic or powerful kefir beverage hours after orally ingesting silver solutions. With all the current talk about pandemics that may be intentionally unleashed, it’s advisable to look into top quality colloidal and/or ionic silver. [5].. Colloidal silver is an antibacterial, antifungal, antiviral miracle Silver has been utilized since ancient greek language and Roman situations as an antimicrobial, for preserving foods and liquids and medicinally. After that, in the first Twentieth Century, allopathic medication monopolized all medical practice, favoring only synthetic pharmaceuticals. As the medical monopoly’s antibiotic wave begun to reduce favor among some, silver products in the form of liquid particle suspensions and ionic homemade solutions started re-emerging. Continue reading

Researchers reported at the American Heart Associations Scientific Sessions 2005.

‘Right now, we’re reporting for the very first time our results in human beings. We are presenting outcomes on the 1st three of nine individuals in a report looking at the usage of engineered arteries in hemodialysis individuals. The main finding is that through the first five weeks, no failures have already been observed with these first three sufferers and the grafts are working well for hemodialysis gain access to. This is actually the first totally biological tissue-engineered bloodstream vessel that is used in individual adults.’ The experts studied hemodialysis patients as the outcomes of vessel failing in the arm are much less dire than center vessel failure. Continue reading

California family ambushed by school officials.

Matlock’s strategy, she informed him to keep forcefully, and closed the hinged door. While canvassing a nearby in search of the various other unvaccinated children, Matlock evidently also implied to KXTV that Cayleh and the other children were under an obligation to end up being vaccinated, which is false entirely. California law provisions that folks can opt out to getting vaccinated for both medical and philosophical reasons ( But Matlock produced no mention of this truth during his obvious vaccination crusade, which the lawsuit identifies as intentionally disseminat[ing] negative info that resulted in numerous unwelcome contacts to the family members from numerous areas around the country. Continue reading

An extremely aggressive and painful type of tooth decay occurring in preschool children frequently.

Bacterium and fungus partner to trigger painful type of tooth decay in preschool children Early childhood caries, an extremely aggressive and painful type of tooth decay occurring in preschool children frequently, from backgrounds of poverty specifically, may derive from a nefarious partnership between a bacterium and a fungus, relating to a paper published before printing in the journal Immunity and Infection eriacta pills . The resulting tooth decay could be so serious that treatment often requires surgery-in the working room, says corresponding writer Hyun Koo of the University of Pennsylvania. Continue reading

Human population.

Biofeedback treatment may successfully re-train bowel muscle tissues Chronic constipation affects 15 to 20 % of the U.S. Human population. One-third of affected folks have dyssynergic defecation Nearly, in which muscle groups used for bowel motions do not work very well, but there’s the right news. University of Iowa research displays biofeedback treatment may retrain muscles successfully. The biofeedback strategy was better than regular treatment of laxatives, exercise and diet or another treatment that included muscle rest and coping strategies. The findings come in the March problem of the journal Clinical Gastroenterology and Hepatology. Many people who have dyssynergic defecation possess life-long constipation and knowledge significant difficulty with moving stools but are unaware they have this particular kind of chronic constipation, stated Satish Rao, M.D., professor of internal medication at the UI Roy J. Continue reading

Tel Aviv University indication license agreement to build up and commercialize BL-7050 BioLineRx.

The neuropathic pain marketplace, which reached $2.4 billion in the seven main markets in ’09 2009, is saturated with therapeutics that usually do not offer a satisfactory solution, because of either small efficacy or unacceptable unwanted effects, and there exists a clear dependence on new, better treatments. .. BioLineRx, Tel Aviv University indication license agreement to build up and commercialize BL-7050 BioLineRx , a biopharmaceutical advancement company, announced that it has signed an internationally today, exclusive license contract with Ramot in Tel Aviv University Ltd., the technology transfer firm of Tel Aviv University, for the advancement and commercialization of BL-7050, a novel, orally-obtainable treatment for inflammatory and neuropathic pain. Continue reading

As the financial collapse approaches.

What does it all mean? What’s gold, at least, trying to reveal? ‘At this point gold is informing us that the people on my side of the world believe gold to end up being grossly undervalued in the futures market and can continue to relax and catch gold pubs as they fall into their laps at lower price prices,’ he said. ‘It’s also telling us that there surely is something fundamentally incorrect with the path we’re on.’.. As the financial collapse approaches, should you go on silver and gold all-in? U.S. Continue reading

She is also the 12th girls who had won the Nobel Prize for medicine ever.

Ancient Chinese Remedy has been noticed by public The 84 – year – old well-known Chinese female pharmacists Tu youyou turns into a single with the winners in the 2015 Nobel Prize for medicine, she is also the 12th girls who had won the Nobel Prize for medicine ever. She has usually been focused on the investigation on the basis of inheriting the essence of traditional Chinese medicine, applying modern technologies and science, discover substances in Chinese medicine, specifically do additional study within the field of malaria and immune ailments, and develop new medicines http://www.caverta.biz/caverta-online http://www.caverta.biz/caverta-online . Continue reading

stated Pamela Madsen.

With the help of the individual Appointment Assistance Program Right now, an AFA Individual Advocate will present a caller with a summary of suppliers from The AFA Physician Referral Network if they do not already have a physician in mind. After the caller selects a physician, the AFA Individual Advocate places the phone call to the company actually, with the patient on the line, to help timetable the first appointment. The AFA Patient Advocate stays on the relative collection with the patient, and assists them to consult the right questions and to decipher expectations because of their appointment. Continue reading

Weighed against children who dont have the disorder.

Autism is a complicated neurodevelopmental disorder described by public deficits, abnormalities in conversation, and stereotyped, repetitive behaviors. As the neuroanatomical basis of the condition isn’t yet known, numerous lines of evidence claim that abnormalities in human brain volume could be characteristic of autism, according to background details in this article. Related StoriesAdvances entirely mount human brain imaging: an interview with Patrick Myles, President, Huron Digital PathologyASF launches Autism Sisters Task to accelerate study into 'Feminine Protective Effect'Brand-new analysis shows uncommon gene mutations cause fifty % of most ASD casesHeather Cody Hazlett, Ph.D., of the University of NEW YORK, Chapel Hill, and co-workers examined brain quantity and mind circumference in kids with and without autism. Continue reading

Friday In an update.

CDC: High level of flu reports in 29 states The flu started early and the virus is spreading rapidly. Friday In an update, the Centers for Disease Control reviews a high degree of flu activity in 29 states and a moderate level in nine others diseases . Health officials say it isn’t too late to obtain vaccinated. We look at who should get the flu shot. Seventeen-year-older Max Schwolert arrived down with the flu. Later on, he took a switch for the even worse and was soon airlifted to a Minnesota medical center. It was actually just a snowball impact over several times, stated Phil Schwolert, Max’s uncle. Continue reading