We are saddened to say we will be closing our doors as of
December 24, 2015.

Hello everyone, I wanted to take a quick moment
to talk to you about Sugar +
Sunshine Bakery closing it's doors.

This was not a decision that I took lightly, and to say that it was the last thing I ever hoped for would be a massive understatement.This business has grown tremendously since I started working here,

and even more so since I became the owner;however, with a

rising number in product output comes a rising

number in expenses, and unfortunately we cannot

continue to make it work.

While I could easily raise all of our prices significantly to help cover our costs, I do not feel that is fair to any of you who have supported us along the way. This business was started with the idea of delicious food made naturally and from scratch every morning, we've also prided ourselves on a friendly atmosphere and competitive prices, and that idea iswhat we

continue to stand behind today.

I hope that you will continue to support the neighboring small businesses and think of us fondly, because

you will always be in our hearts.

Our days were made better by your friendly faces and excitement in our products, and that is something we will always keep with us.

On a more personal note, when I first started working here I hoped to bring some sweetness into your lives, I never once considered that you would be the ones to make my life sweeter.

Thank you for loving us as much as you have, each and every one of you is a part of our Sugar + Sunshine family.

​If you'd like to see what the cupcake crew is up to in the future, continue to follow us on Instagram.


​Otherwise you can follow along with our two

main boss ladies on their websites.

Please click on their images to be redirected.

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Sweatt’s editorial was released in conjunction with results published in Science from researchers led by Shahaf Peleg at the European Neuroscience Institute at University Goettingen in Germany. The European researchers’ findings health supplement and support work completed previously in Sweatt’s laboratory. Robert Sebbag, Sanofi’It’s a real proof of concept,’ said Sweatt. ‘We have been learning histone deacetylase inhibitors for some 10 years. Studies in our laboratory and elsewhere suggested that these drugs may potentially reverse aging-associated memory space dysfunction strongly. ‘The new outcomes from Peleg’s group offer important proof-of-principal that this might be a viable method of therapeutic interventions in maturing.’ Sweatt, director of the Evelyn F. Continue reading

Provided its frequent make use of in sugary baked items.

Blood Sugars ControlThere may be some ancient wisdom at the job in all the quality recipes which combine cinnamon with high-carb and high-fat elements. Cinnamon can mitigate the effect these foods possess on blood sugar, slowing the rate of which the abdomen empties after foods and therefore reducing the potential spike in bloodstream sugar. Cinnamon can provide aid to individuals who have type 2 diabetes by avoiding insulin level of resistance and has actually been suggested by the American Diabetes Association. Analysis shows cinnamon outperforms diabetes medicines. In a study released in The Journal of Diabetic Medicine, research topics given cinnamon health supplements experienced better improvement in blood sugar than those that received standard diabetes medications. Continue reading

Cocaine What Is Cocaine?

Possessing or Using cocaine is a felony punishable by jail time in most states. HOW DO Someone Quit? Quitting cocaine can be very challenging and usually involves hanging out in a rehab service, cognitive-behavioral therapy, or additional therapies. Right now, there are no medicines that are effective for dealing with cocaine addiction. If you think you may have a cocaine problem, talking with a counselor or joining a support group can help make it better to quit. Avoiding Cocaine The probability of becoming dependent on cocaine are high. People can become addicted after only 1 use. Continue reading

A united team led by cosmetic surgeon Dr.

A Reuters factbox includes language from the draft, which notes the G8’s intent to spotlight the maternal and kid health Millennium Advancement Goals .This article is republished with kind permission from our friends at The Kaiser Family Foundation. You can view the complete Kaiser Daily Health Plan Survey, search the archives, or join email delivery of in-depth coverage of wellness policy developments, debates and discussions. The Kaiser Daily Wellness Policy Report is released for Kaisernetwork.org, a free of charge service of The Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation. Copyright 2009 Advisory Board Organization and Kaiser Family Foundation. All rights reserved.. Boston Doctors Perform Encounter Transplant A Boston medical center has performed the country’s second partial encounter transplant on a guy who suffered traumatic face injuries from a freak incident. Continue reading

Cholesterol Cholesterol Is a Fat in the Blood Cholesterol is a kind of fat found in your blood.

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As do Medicaid-insured or uninsured children.

They also evaluated the correlation between rupture rate and negative appendectomy price . The researchers reviewed a database containing information on 24,411 appendectomies performed on children in the United States between 1997 and 2002. Related StoriesPatients provided animal-assisted therapy at UCLA HealthChildren's Memorial Hermann Hospital gives Halloween security tipsStudy: Post medical center syndrome is significant risk aspect for patients undergoing elective surgeryThe experts found that the common negative appendectomy rate was 3 % and the average appendix rupture rate was 35 %. Continue reading

Nonprofit biomolecular research institute.

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Ants use antibiotics to inhibit development of unwanted fungi, bacteria Scientists at the University of East Anglia have shown that fungus-farming ants are using multiple antibiotics seeing that weed killers to maintain their fungus gardensScientists in the University of East Anglia, have shown that fungus-farming ants are using multiple antibiotics as weed killers to maintain their fungus gardens. Research led by Dr Matt Hutchings and released today in the journal BMC Biology implies that ants use the antibiotics to inhibit the growth of unwanted fungi and bacteria within their fungus cultures which they make use of to feed their larvae and queen. These antibiotics are produced by actinomycete bacteria that go on the ants in a mutual symbiosis tadalafil-italia.net/cialis-levitra-o-viagra/ . Continue reading

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Announced today that Bristol-Myers Squibb has acquired iPierian.

The transaction is expected to become accounted for as a secured asset acquisition for Bristol-Myers Squibb producing a $175 million charge during the second quarter of 2014. ‘As part of our development to a diversified specialty BioPharma firm, we’ve identified genetically defined diseases as a location where the company has an opportunity to significantly advance the typical of care for sufferers with limited treatment plans,’ said Francis Cuss, executive vice president and chief scientific officer, Bristol-Myers Squibb. ‘The acquisition of iPierian supports our growing efforts in this region and builds on Bristol-Myers Squibb's inner alliances and expertise centered on the Tau pathway and neurodegenerative diseases.’ Related StoriesResearchers successfully restoration nerve cell damage in Alzheimer's dementiaInner ear damage human brain warnings from nerve cellsRice scientists solve long-standing up mystery regarding hemophilia protein ‘iPierian's discovery of a novel system of secreted Tau biology was the foundation of the IPN007 program,’ said Dr. Continue reading

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Sometime between the ages of 40-58.

Related StoriesCity of Wish awarded NIH grant to study potential hyperlink between environmental factors and breasts cancerCynosure obtains medical device license from Health Canada to advertise MonaLisa Touch for treatment of GSM symptomsMulticenter trial compares popular treatments for menopause-related vaginal symptoms’Estrogen stimulates the formation of collagen, a natural pores and skin smoother, and oils. Alan Fleischer, professor in the division of dermatology at Wake Forest University College of Medicine. ‘It is critical to pick up the slack and health supplement with an intense moisturizer that contains 12 percent lactic acid, a naturally occurring humectant which draws in water molecules to the skin to keep it hydrated.’ In addition to being affected by aging, dry skin can occur at any right time in life because of seasonal weather changes, harsh soaps, or detergents. Continue reading

Has prompted a recall of the merchandise from stores in New South Wales.

Coles contaminated poultry recalled in four states The discovery that packs of pre-sliced chicken sold by the supermarket chain Coles were contaminated with listeria, has prompted a recall of the merchandise from stores in New South Wales, South Australia, Queensland and Victoria and Coles Online. The reason for the listeria contamination, within the poultry during routine product testing, is now under investigation generisk-tadalafil.com/cialis-det-basta-botemedlet-mot-impotens.html . The products affected will be the ‘You’ll appreciate Coles sliced-chicken breasts’ 2 x 50g packs with a ‘best before’ date of October 7 which was marketed in Coles, BI-LO and Pick out ‘n Pay stores. Continue reading

In the United States there are over 25 million Asthmatics.

The Arches executive team has centered on creating meaningful telemedicine solutions for our users since day one. Vice President of Company Network Development, Josh Nelson said, ‘In early stages Arches founders comprehended that to seriously bend the price curve they would have to provide innovative answers to both our members and suppliers. Telemedicine solutions like Symptomly enable us to facilitate more effective treatments. Arches is a thought innovator in leveraging technology to engage their members and improve their quality of treatment. Our symptom management system can dramatically reduce health costs and help individuals stay out of the hospital’ said Derek Bereit, CEO of Symptomly. Continue reading

Angelina Jolie: I had my ovaries removed.

‘There was still a potential for early stage cancer, but that was minor compared with a full-blown tumor,’ Jolie explained. ‘To my comfort, I still had the option of getting rid of my ovaries and fallopian tubes and I thought we would do it.’ ‘She actually is certainly heroic,’ said CBS Information medical contributor Dr. David Agus. ‘The thought of getting transparent and vulnerable and discussing her own personal decision to educate others is merely so powerful. The last time she achieved it 2 yrs ago about her mastectomy thousands of women went for testing. Continue reading

Breast implants safe however.

It’s estimated nearly 300,000 females receive either silicone gel or saline implants every year in the U.S. Alone. And the FDA says it’s reports show most patients express fulfillment with the results. It needs follow-up safety research. And Shuren pledges the company shall continue to evaluate data to ensure silicone-gel breasts implants are safe. The FDA provides more information about breast implants.. Breast implants safe however, not problem-free: FDA Security concerns drove silicone-gel breast implants from the U.S. Market for 14 years. Then, in 2006, the FDA produced them available again. Now, in its 1st major overview of follow-up research, it declares these implants are effective and safe when they are used as designed. Continue reading