We can call this issue as joint discomfort or arthritis also.

1. Cucumber: You should take adequate cucumber with each food to get comfort as an all natural treatment for back again and knee pain. 2. Moth: Laddoos of moth ready with kidney coffee beans can treat any kind of discomfort in the knees and back again. For planning laddoos, you need sugar, kidney coffee beans, and clarified butter in equivalent quantity. Roast the kidney coffee beans and the flour in clarified butter, and add sugars to it and prepare laddoos. You should eat 2 laddoos per day in morning hours with a clear stomach. That is among the best effective home cures for back knee and pain pain. 3. Lemon: You should combine one tablespoon of lemon, one tablespoon of garlic juice and two tablespoons of drinking water and then you ought to drink it twice a time each morning and evening. Continue reading

The countrys first amniotic liquid stem cell bank.

Amniocentesis and non-embryonic stem cells among list of ‘Huge Medical Breakthroughs’ Two key focus regions of Biocell Center, the country’s first amniotic liquid stem cell bank, have been recently mentioned among the most essential medical discoveries of the last century death cause . Amniocentesis and non-embryonic stem cells had been the large choice of ‘Huge Medical Breakthroughs’ shown in an article by Althea Chang on, produced by TheStreet.on June 29 com, 2010. The whole story highlights many of the most essential and influential breakthroughs in contemporary medicine, including X-rays, today penicillin and the individual genome that resulted in life-saving technologies which we take for granted. Continue reading