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A common blood circulation pressure medication could help those who have witnessed traumatic occasions, to filter their distressing thoughts, and Cornell University psychiatrists are undertaking tests using beta-blockers. The beta-blocker propranolol offers been discovered to block the neurotransmitters involved with laying down thoughts. Related StoriesNoninvasive CT scans greater than stress testing at spotting clogged arteriesEstradiol fluctuation may enhance psychological sensitivity to psychosocial tension during menopausal transitionSKA2 gene may are likely involved in advancement of PTSDPeople with PTSD receive counseling, but since it isn’t effective always, researchers have already been looking for substitute therapies. Studies show that rats who’ve learned to dread a tone accompanied by a power shock, lose that dread if propranolol can be administered following the tone begins.The Wall Road Journal: Big Companies Overhaul COVERAGE OF HEALTH Two big companies are organizing a radical switch in the manner they provide health advantages with their workers, giving workers a fixed amount of cash and permitting them to select their medical protection and insurer from an on the web market place. Sears Holdings Corp. And Darden Restaurants Inc. But this year employees will receive help translating that jargon because of a fresh requirement that insurers give a user-friendly coverage overview of most health plans. Coupled with innovative wellness programs that reward workers for staying health, specialists say an incredible number of workers will be able to make smarter advantage decision and spend less along the way .