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Today, any person who’s naturally introvert, some tragic incident if occurs to his family members or in his professional real life losing work or in personal lifestyle, the grief cannot be shared by him with others as he offers very limited friends. So, we can find that if he cannot talk about his emotions to others, after a degree of time, depression shall start to creep inside his brain. Simultaneously, different negative emotions like anxiety, phobia or worries will also start to ramble inside his mind.This clue led the experts to suspect that what in the beginning were random looking at by the ASD toddlers could actually reflect choice for audiovisual synchronies which were less obvious compared to the clapping. Therefore they re-analyzed the info, factoring in more delicate synchronous changes in appear and motion. Audio-visible synchronies accounted for approximately 90 % of the most well-liked looking at patterns of toddlers with ASD and non-e of unaffected toddlers, stated Jones.