Bristol academic takes audiences on another tour of our body Dr Alice Roberts.

She also examines some brand-new scientific research that shows that women advertise their most fertile occasions to men without also realising it. There is also advice on how best to become ‘breast conscious’, the importance of being shielded from sexually transmitted attacks and the value of smear testing for fighting cervical cancer. Dr Roberts said: ‘The key to being healthful is simple: be as physically active as you can, eat healthily – a lot of fruit and veg – don’t drink an excessive amount of alcohol, try to stop smoking, in the event that you do smoke, and don’t get stressed! It’s all easier in theory, I understand, but I think we’re able to all most likely make some small adjustments that could make us significantly healthier and happier.’ The second group of the BBC Two program Don’t Die Young begins tonight [Tuesday 29 July] at 8 pm with a double bill..‘The main way to obtain fluoride are [sic] the basaltic rocks in the Rift Valley [of Ethiopia], which have both elevated fluoride content material and low soluble calcium concentrations,’ explains a Water Resource Quality survey on the fluoride epidemic in Ethiopia, the purpose of which was to find a solution to successfully remove this contaminant. Meanwhile, Americans are having to guzzle down, shower in and breathe the fumes from fluoride-laced drinking water which corrupt health authorities claim is ‘good for teeth.’ The contrast between how Ethiopia, a supposedly ‘Third World’ nation, views fluoride – – as a present-day and clear toxin! – – and how the U.S.