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This acquisition displays our dedication to being a innovator in the CRM marketplace through the launch of innovative services and products for the advantage of doctors and their sufferers. We’ve spent the last many years developing clever, miniature implants made to enable doctors to assess and deal with a variety of medical ailments in a noninvasive way, stated Hezi Himelfarb, Remon Medical Technology, Inc.’s CEO. The acquisition by Boston Scientific will placement Remon as an established leader in intra-body cellular conversation and help understand the potential of our technology, once built-into the portfolio of Boston Scientific items.‘We are especially frustrated by the FDA’s continued approval of new, dangerous, high-dosage opioid analgesics that are fueling high rates of addiction and overdose deaths,’ says the letter, which can be addressed to Health and Human Solutions Secretary Sylvia Burwell, who oversees the FDA and other health agencies. The groupings signing the letter consist of Physicians for Accountable Opioid Prescribing, a 900-member advocacy group that petitioned the FDA to drastically restrict opioid use.