According to a written report in the October 27 issue of Archives of Internal Medicine.

Of the, 1,371 were taking statins at that time. Mortality [loss of life] among statin users was less than among non-users: 10.3 % vs. 15.7 % after 30 days and 16.8 % vs. 22.4 % after 90 days, the authors write. The lowest relative death rate connected with statins was seen in patients over the age of 80 and in those with bacteremia. The variations became apparent during the first few weeks of hospitalization, an interval associated with a high number of pneumonia-related deaths, and they increased just minimally between 30 and 3 months after admission, which implies that statin use is effective in the first phase of infection primarily. Previous statin use, or the use of any other preventive medication for cardiovascular health, had not been associated with a lower life expectancy death rate from pneumonia.In growing countries, the task of collecting water for the household usually falls to women and children . Often, this implies hours-lengthy walks from the house to get the water, and may happen many times a day. This burden means the adults are not working at a having to pay job and the youngsters are not in school. And, the drinking water collected — from streams and ponds instead of wells &mdash often; is likely dirty. This cycle of disease, joblessness, and missed school makes the water crisis a major part of global poverty. Yet it may be among the easiest factors to repair. The World Health Company estimates that it would cost $11.3 billion per year for global clean sanitation and water — compared, Americans spend about $450 billion each year to celebrate Christmas.