Children prefer sweeter and saltier tastes than do adults.

Children who also most prefer high degrees of sweet preferences also prefer high levels of salt taste Scientists from the Monell Chemical substance Senses Center have discovered that children who all most prefer high levels of sweet tastes also most prefer great levels of salt flavor and that, in general, children prefer sweeter and saltier tastes than do adults. These choices relate not merely to diet but also to measures of growth and may have important implications for attempts to change children's diet plans.CCC collaborates with Accenture to greatly help students be successful in job pursuits The City Schools of Chicago , the biggest community college system in the state of Illinois and one of the largest in the country has joined forces with Accenture, a global management consulting, technology and outsourcing company, to make sure students are ‘job ready’ if they graduate. As part of an innovative program called ‘Abilities to Succeed,’ Accenture is working with City Colleges to greatly help students be effective in their work pursuits. Twenty-eight CCC students took part within an intensive one day pilot workshop on March 24, 2011 known as the ‘Job Readiness Mentoring Plan. ‘Ideally, every CCC student should encounter a workshop like this.’ Another ‘Job Readiness Mentoring Program’ is planned for April 7th.