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Asperger’s Syndrome Medical Treatment No specific treatment for the core symptoms of Asperger`s syndrome is available and no cure is present for the disorder. Educational, profession, or vocational support, and also behavioral, social, and family support are the primary treatments used for individuals with Asperger`s syndrome Levitra 20 mg . Psychopharmacology and other treatments may also be used to manage some of the issue behaviors associated with Asperger`s syndrome or a few of the linked psychiatric conditions , if present.

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But Cho said there has been too much focus on the victims’ individual and cultural barriers to looking for help. Instead, the focus was said by him should be on how best to make affordable, culturally sensitive help more available to them. ‘We need to look at the dilemna,’ Cho said. ‘We need more outreach attempts to increase usage of domestic violence services.’.. Asian-American victims of domestic violence seek help from police or healthcare providers rarely Asian-American victims of domestic violence rarely seek help from police or health care providers – ‘an alarming trend’ among the fastest-developing racial group in the United States, says a Michigan State University researcher.