Dark rice: Rare yet highly nutritious Although not so common.

Contains a great deal of antioxidants. Dark rice is an excellent way to obtain antioxidants – a element known for helping people flush out body wastes regularly. Antioxidants are available in espresso and tea but is more frequent in dark rice definitely. Spot the black appearance of the rice? The color could be related to the same chemicals that provide acai blueberries and berry their distinctive coloring. The very same chemical substances are also in charge of the high antioxidant count of both. Heart strike preventive. Studies also show that dark rice contains a great deal of anthocyanins, an ingredient that’s able of lowering the chance of heart assault. It can this by avoiding the buildup of plaques in the arteries which may be the most common reason heart attacks occur.The display also explores why river blindness is definitely often eclipsed by deadlier diseases like Helps and malaria . French Food Company Says Clinical Trials Display Potential Food Product Boosts Immune System In Individuals With HIV The French meals company Danone reported Wednesday that scientific trials of a chemical it plans to build up into a nutritional product over the next few years helped enhance the immune systems of individuals coping with HIV, Bloomberg reports .