Are women less inclined to buy items marketed using thin models actually?

The prevalence of advertising featuring related content continues to improve sexually. For instance, a 2012 study by researchers from the University of Georgia found that while in 1983, only 15 % of magazine ads utilized sexual articles, 27 % did so by 2003. But even though studies have found that women control 80 % or more of household customer spending, so far the majority of the research conducted on sexual marketing has focused on men. There exists a lot of curiosity in how these ads affect men, Ansons said. We thought it had been important to see how females were reacting also to consider the difference between a subtle and blatant presentation. The few studies looking at women’s reactions to such advertising have had contradictory outcomes, Ansons said.CDC, Surgeon General statement on increased number of H1N1 cases in southeast U.S. Although H1N1 ‘has waned across much of the United Claims, the southeast is reporting a rise in situations of the H1N1 virus, U.S. Health officials said on Monday,’ Reuters reports. During a conference call with reporters, Anne Schuchat of the CDC reported an uptick in the number of H1N1 instances reported in Alabama, SC and Georgia . ‘Researchers had previously hoped that the continuing low activity of swine flu designed a third wave was not as likely than got previously been expected, but called the brand new data from the Southeast a ‘worrisome development Schuchat.