A Melbourne-based immunotherapy business.

Ascend Biopharmaceuticals reports favourable results from TG1042 Stage 2 research for CBCL treatment Ascend Biopharmaceuticals, a Melbourne-based immunotherapy business, has today announced the publication of a written report utilising TG1042 for the treatment of Cutaneous B-Cell Lymphoma , in the journal PLOS A single. Ascend Biopharmaceuticals entered into a special world-wide license contract with Transgene in July of 2013 to build up TG1042 as an immunotherapeutic injection for multiple cancers including Cutaneous B-Cell Lymphoma, CBCL . Ascend programs to sponsor and initiate clinical studies with TG1042 in Basal Cell Carcinoma later on in 2014.SIS scores range from 0 to 6 with a score of 4 or less representing cognitive impairment. Related StoriesMeta-evaluation backs thrombectomy over regular stroke carePacemakers can identify AF and enable initiation of anticoagulation for stroke preventionResearchers associate neuroimaging data with reading deficits in patients with left-sided strokeResults suggest that 8.1 percent of individuals showed cognitive impairment at their latest assessment, over a mean of 4.1 years following preliminary assessment. Stroke Belt citizens had a greater likelihood of cognitive impairment than non-Belt residents ; all demographic factors and period predicted impairment independently.