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Nevertheless, they hope to continue their investigation into the effects of NPC by learning glycan behavior in neural cells, which make up the mind. While they caution that much more work must be done, they wish that an improved understanding of the functions that glycans play in neural cells will lead to new therapeutics for NPC and additional diseases enjoy it. ‘It really is exciting to focus on projects like these, because we believe glycobiology may be the next frontier, the next level of complexity,’ Boons stated.Joslin, M.D., Joslin today offers more than 600 employees in three main divisions: Joslin Research, an extremely collaborative team of more than 300 people with 41 faculty level investigators undertaking the largest research program targeted at preventing and curing type 1 and type 2 diabetes and their long-term complications and more than 120 MD and PhD fellows in teaching; Joslin Clinic, the world’s first & most respected diabetes treatment service, which cares for 23,000 adult and pediatric patients a year, concentrating on aggressive and comprehensive patient care from highly specialized and multi-skilled specialists; and Joslin Strategic Initiatives, which develops and marketplaces innovative programs, services and products that expand the option of Joslin knowledge and expertise to individuals and clinicians around the globe to improve the standard of diabetes care.