Can caffeine really affect your memory?

Previous studies show that caffeine puts adrenal glands in a combat or air travel function and stimulates secretion of adrenaline and noradrenaline. It generates a crisis response in normal conditions, which stimulates the central anxious system and increases alertness but prospects to stress eventually, exhaustion and fatigue. Nonetheless, this latest research reveals interesting properties of caffeine – – the cognitive enhancer or a stabilizer. This also suggests the possibility of discovering caffeine or its derived molecules as a potential medication for Alzheimer disease.GABA appears to improve the blood circulation, increasing oxygen utilization, thus increasing brain metabolism, GABA can be put to practical use as a medication in the procedure for cerebral stroke, after mind injury, chronic headaches and for treatment of major depression after treatment of cerebral retinopathy. Although its exact mechanism is unknown, researchers think that another plant: kava kava, like ume, promotes relaxation by affecting either GABA receptors or the limbic program. Kava kava may slightly increase the activity of gamma-aminobutyric acid . Decreased GABA activity promotes anxiousness & evokes amygdala gland activation. Kavalactones may impact GABA receptors, promoting increased relaxation, relieving headache pressure and enhancing pineal gland function.