That is an innovative technique.

The unit, able to perform diagnoses through biomolecular evaluation, will be really small, disposable and cheap, which, with their ease of use together, will enable them to be utilized in any situation of patient care.. CIC microGUNE uses DNA stretching technique to detect illnesses Making DNA sequences getting passed through nanochannels one thousand times thinner than a individual hair to the point that they undertake the proper execution of diminutive spaghetti.They might be attached using sewing technique, gluing technique or by normally clipping it. Loose hair is mounted on the individual strands. The hair is folded over and attached again to create the ultimate wefted extension then. Wefted extension can be done by machine or by bare hands. While doing it yourself, the weft can be thinner but much more stringer. The hand wefting session leads to a bit less volume. If you are searching for wefts then the best place to look reaches They possess 5 different colours obtainable in 20 inch duration each. On the other hand clip in locks extensions are a bit not the same as wefts. The clips in extensions were created with lock system made of clips, which lock the locks in to the desired place without any damage. They are very easy to be taken out and are the best way to add quantity and size to the locks.