Severely disabling congenital myopathy characterized by painful.

Clementia Pharmaceuticals commences multi-center study of sufferers with fibrodysplasia ossificans progressiva Study Now Enrolling Individuals Ages Two through 65 Years Aged Clementia Pharmaceuticals, Inc effects.htm . Today announced that it has commenced enrollment in the next part of its natural history study in individuals with fibrodysplasia ossificans progressiva , a rare, severely disabling congenital myopathy characterized by painful, recurrent episodes of gentle tissue swelling that result in the formation of new, unusual bone in muscle tissues, tendons and ligaments.


These improved cells would then be infused back to type 1 diabetes patients.. City of Hope offers islet cell transplant program to cure type 1 diabetes For patients with severe type 1 diabetes, a strict diet plan and insulin shots aren’t enough to sufficiently control their disease sometimes. What they want are insulin-making cells of their personal – currently only available through a still-experimental process referred to as islet cell transplantation. Physicians in the recently launched Diabetes & Metabolism Analysis Institute at Town of Hope are now offering this transplantation to appropriate candidates through a clinical trial that they believe will be the first step in a multipronged work to permanently get rid of type 1 diabetes.