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Accurate description of the dangers, benefits and costs of the use of coronary artery calcium scanning with computed tomography in asymptomatic individuals remains an elusive goal, they compose. In this matter of the Archives, Kim et al donate to our knowledge about potential dangers by reporting estimated radiation doses and excess lifetime risks of radiation-induced malignancy from coronary artery calcium scanning for a variety of CT scanners and scanning protocols which have been defined in the literature.In addition, severe anemia might aggravate the bad aftereffect of postpartum hemorrhage, and endanger the mom. It’s estimated that 40 percent of maternal deaths are caused directly or indirectly by anemia. Reducing maternal mortality is among the key global healthcare objectives. Near 350,000 women die each full year due to insufficient proper diagnosis and treatment and several millions are affected. The inability to recognize and deal with anemia and hemorrhage in the developing world due to insufficient infrastructure and staff is an integral limitation in the UN and WHO attempts to lessen maternal mortality.