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Data present significant improvements in five of eight mental and physical domains for individuals in the gastric bypass group and two of eight domains for the sufferers in the sleeve gastrectomy group. There is no improvement in the medical therapy group. ‘We viewed standard of living, because eventually it is about helping our individuals live a healthier, happier lifestyle,’ said Dr. Schauer. ‘In comparison with sleeve gastrectomy and medical therapy, gastric bypass individuals achieved greater weight reduction, were on fewer medicines, had an increased success rate in managing their diabetes, and a better standard of living.’ Furthermore, new data viewed kidney function, measured by the quantity of albumin in the urine and a marker of kidney harm due to diabetes.Having said that, Thalidomide is still used today in the U.S. Thalidomide can be used along with dexamethasone to take care of multiple myeloma in individuals who have been found to possess this disease. Additionally it is used by itself or with other medicines to take care of and prevent skin outward indications of erythema nodosum leprosum , says the NIH site. It treats multiple myeloma by strengthening the disease fighting capability to fight cancers cells. It treats ENL by blocking the actions of certain natural chemicals that cause swelling. Additional unwanted effects include some which are serious: blistering and peeling epidermis; swelling of the real face, throat, tongue, lips, or eyes; difficulty breathing or swallowing; fever, sore throat, chills, cough, or other signals of an infection; and a gradual pulse.